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Zone 3 - well that sucks - you need to move south

I am in zone 5/6 depending on the day and what the global warming theorists say - lol. I think I am actually 5A.

Oh well - neither here nor there.

My indoor setup consists of a 24 x 60 set of wire shelving(found at your local home depot or restaurant supply store). The shop lights are flourecent lights - they are called shop lights because they come pre-wired and can simply be plugged in(also found at local home depot/lowes). They come in different lengths - I use 4ft lights since it fits my shelf right. I have five sets of shelves on my rack - so four lights - I leave one set without lights due to space. The lights are hung from the wire shelving with chains (find lights that come with chains). I then use flourencent bulbs that with a color rating of 6500K(next time in the store - look - this is the color spectrum of the bulb). Works great.

Ah--as to wood - you are right - never enough- lol. I actually get log length wood now - delivered in bulk and cut and split it. I am just about done with my first load - it will be about 6 cords. I have another load coming next week. I used to do the old go find people getting rid of it - get it for free - but I found it was more expensive in the long run.

Well - good luck - I did end up losing two more tomatoe plants Tuesday night to frost - I even covered them but it did not help. Not common for where I live.