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I'm listening to the Video

From the beginning, it is biased against AD (who I do not agree with 100%) and from the posts I see below, several who have posted, did not bother to watch, but rather simply make a post to attack.

On all the threads concerning the issue of Israel/Palestine conflict, very few appear to want to KNOW the truth. They assume they KNOW, based on MSM, like "Democracy New Order World".

AD begins by making his case, which I don't understand what the problem is here on DP by those who claim they want freedom.

What do you not agree with AD's statement:

The Arab-Israeli conflict should end with a two-state solution under which all the Arab and Muslim states-indeed the entire world-acknowledge Israel's right to continue to exist as an independent, democratic, Jewish state with secure and defensible boundaries and free of terrorism. In exchange, Israel should recognize the right of Palestinians to establish an independent, democratic, Palestinian state with politically and economically viable boundaries. For these mutually compatible goals to be achieved, extremists on both sides must give up what they each claim are their God-given or nationalistic rights. Israeli extremists must give up their claimed right to all of biblical Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel), and their claimed right to maintain Jewish settlements on, or to continue the military occupation of, disputed areas that would be allocated to the Palestinian state. Palestinian extremists must give up their claimed right to all of "Palestine," including what is now Israel, as well as the alleged right of millions of descendants of those who left or were forced out of what is now Israel during the war of 1947-1949 to "return" to their "ancestral homes" in Israel. Unless these claimed rights are mutually surrendered in the interest of achieving a pragmatic, compromise resolution to the conflict, there can be no enduring peace. But if these claimed rights are surrendered, peace can be achieved. The remaining disputes-and there are many-will be much easier to resolve if agreement is reached on these fundamental issues.

With Respect to ALL opinions, I will not be responding to posts that employ name calling and insults. I am not asking you to not insult and call me name. You are free to do that to your full enmjoyment and satisfaction, I'm letting you know up front that I will not be responding to posts with name calling and insults because I am seeking those interested in a serious debate, not Jerry Springer show type of fight.

In my opinion, AD is a SECULAR ZIONIST (Not all Zionists agree on WHY Israel should be a state. AD wants Israel as a state of the UN NWO. I want Israel a country and the UN to be disolved, because the UN is the seat of the corporate elite in the NWO. NWO is a corporate global control of all resources and that includes people).