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Comment: Ben broke this first, he deserves major kudos!

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Ben broke this first, he deserves major kudos!

The part that Swann played in bringing this story to light deserves a special place in the Archives of First Amendment Triumphs!

The fact that he brought this to air first, along with the names and dates attached to government denials, and the media non-responses at that time, "over a year ago"; set the record and started the fuse of this media bomb burning back then. It's at 1:05 in this video that Ben links that with, "the Office of Inspector General reports that,'Senior IRS officials knew agents were targeting conservative groups as early as 2011.'"!

How many levels of authority are there between The Inspector General's office there in DC, and the Oval Office? How did this report get overlooked for two years by the man who promised, "the most transparent administration in history"?

Just a speculative question; how likely might this have happened under a Ron Paul administration, if among his first priorities was the dismantlement of this abusive bureaucracy? I won't bother to ask if something like this might have happened under Romney.

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