Comment: I'm only 7 mins into this vid

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I'm only 7 mins into this vid

AD asked NF to seriously debate.

NF rejects AD's proposition for serious debate, and then accuses AD of fraud, without qualifying his allogation, IOW expalining WHY. NF again accuses AD of fraud, and AD (to the protest of AG) informs NF that, while he is not litegeous, this kind of defaming is not acceptable. I agree.

So, at 7 mins into this, I have learned where AD stands, I know why I don't agree with him, and NF has refused a serious debate.

I know I am not going to get a serious debate from the interveiw on NF's side, which is a disapointment FOR ME, because I too would like a serious debate.

Even here on DP, many agree that name calling and insults are not debate. So I'm not understanding why anyone at this point would be siding with NF who is not willing to give you a serious point of view, and so far has done nothing but slander AD.

Maybe I should ask el chief_ 71. Do YOU want a serious debate? I look forward to your response and will refrain from posting in this thread until you let me know, because I respect you.

meanwhile I'm still listening and thank you for the vid.