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of course there is a letter

With these horrible conspiracy theories it is the state's responsibility to craft whatever lies may be necessary to put these poisonous ideas to rest.

It is government job to keep us safe. Sometimes that means keeping us safe form the truth of events if that truth would make us uncomfortable.

How could I enjoy the game, sitcom, or whatever cartoonish fantasy I want to watch this evening if I am haunted by the truth of my state's criminality?

It would ruin my night.

You people who want to look at facts and come to your own conclusions are completely unreasonable. Downright trouble makers.

Do think it is easy having to lie and cover up crimes day after day?

Have some compassion for our public servants and their commitment to keeping us citizens completely mis-informed so that our comfort is not jeopardized.

Thank goodness we have great Americans serving the state who are willing to step and craft false evidence. That takes courage! Stop looking your Betters gifts in the mouth and just say thank you Sir!

G-d Bless Amercia!


Liberty = Responsibility