Comment: curiously, Jon fails to point out the elephant in the room...

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curiously, Jon fails to point out the elephant in the room...

as someone pointed out on infowars...

Celesta says:

May 17, 2013 at 8:03 am

"You have to think about what Obama did just a three weeks ago before the scandals were taking up all the attention.

Remember: It was the red line for Syria: chemical weapons. That’s it. Obama balked about that and didn’t seize the moment and order the airstrikes on Syria — so Israel had to do it unilaterally, and Obama still isn’t backing Israel.

There is news stories breaking again today on this. Pretty certain this is what’s made TPTB angry with Obama. This may be connected too with what happened in Benghazi. Maybe he did stab the Islamic radicals/Al-Qaeda in the back over the arms deals and that’s why they attacked the CIA annex/U.S. mission in Benghazi? We weren’t ever supposed to be aware that mission existed, but because of the attack it became household knowledge. Obama is wrecking all of their covert war plans and it’s waking people up. It’s put Hillary Clinton in the cross hairs which may now cost her the 2016 election. They see this as all Obama’s fault."

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