Comment: Liberal Peace Loving Hollywood?

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Liberal Peace Loving Hollywood?

That has never been the case as much as it gets purported. Hollywood smoothed WW2 over with the masses, made it 'romantic' and was cartooned in Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, etc etc.

I have worked in Hollywood most of my career (just now leaving to start my own biz in Montana this year). From my experience, peace loving hollywood is and has always been a farce. Every community has people with different views so I am not saying Abrahms isn't peace loving per se, but this 'Hollywood' community of peace you speak of is non-existent.

What hollywood is, is Fascist. They love the idea of a social system where everyone is equal except them, whereas they are above equal. Like the people from the Capital in "Hunger Games", everyone is equal to be treated like animals while they wear funny costumes as apparel and paint/tattoo their bodies like clowns and proclaim the sophistication of it.

All that said, I will probably see the movie. I like the first one. :-D