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Comment: My dear friend, phathead

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My dear friend, phathead

I never take debate personally, and even if I did, you'd not owe me either an apology, nor an explanation for stating your opinion; though it shows great character and class that you choose to offer both regardless. Thank you.

Secondly, I'm giving Rand the benefit of the doubt...but he has ample time before the primary to prove wether or not he was worthy of it. My theory upon the " why " behind Rands seeming estrangement from some of the core ideals that we here hold so dear is simply this, political acumen. Meaning, if Rand can convince the voting NeoCon that he is far more in agreement with their positions ( Israel, wars, law and order, etc. ) over the course of the next year and a half, then no matter how the Globalist Elite of Republicanism tries paints him in the primary's, the VOTERS shall have no faith in those elites words as Rand will have already convinced them ( and BTW they NeoCons represent nearly 70% of the voting republican block, whereas our Liberty minded block is but 29% ) otherwise and will support him regardless of how the pugnacious elite try to slander him, thereby securing the nomination.
I HOPE this is the case, for like you there are many things since Rand bailed out on his Dad's election that haven't pleased me all that much ( drones, Monitary aid to foreign nations, et al). But all of these strike a discordant bell within me, I can't quite explain they why of it, but I feel it is smoke and mirrors purpose built to secure the majority if the voters Republican to his side BEFORE the primary season and that once he's ensconced within the White House he shall simply return to the values dearly beloved by Ron and most of us here, that is small, unobtrusive Government, free markets and the removals of law that supersedes or impedes the rule of law first supplied by the base beginnings of our Constitution. If that us his purpose then he does indeed have his work cut out for him.

All that aside, and gone should he prove further a propensity to be NeoCon OR should Judge Andrew Napalitano choose to enter the fray.

As for being dependent upon or idol using men to save me? That's a shot in the dark that's still whizzing through the trees having missed its target completely. For I've grasped and acquired the strongest of all foundations upon self government, that it first begins within my own heart and actions. For to require no external governing by men first requires that one does not anything that requires one to have to be governed. For all law is but a schoolmaster, to show one how one should behave. But not all law is a good schoolmaster, for we have long seen that too many laws strangle growth rather than promote it. Freedom, to be free, requires that men first free themselves from the necessity of having to be controlled, one does this by not harming others and being mindfull of this in all their affairs.
I have found my freedom, and selfgovernance in the process called sanctification that is through the Holy Spirit by
Faith in Jesus Christ.
I also sense that you too have found a method to first rule your own house, in this we are in common, and in Liberty, and in desiring to pass it on to all, and in this we can never be enemies, but are bonded by like purpose though our methods, and our ideas of how to promote it might differ. As long as we keep focus upon this fact, then no matter what disagreements come between the goal is yet the same.

God Bless

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington