Comment: Why Dershowitz is a fraud

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Why Dershowitz is a fraud

To those on this thread who are considering Dershowitz's appeal for a serious debate as a point in his favor should understand the background first. NM is a forensic scholar - which means he has based his academia and research on meticulously combing through the footnotes of published works to understand where authors are deriving their information. In this debate, NM refutes AD and his book (The Case for Israel), by claiming that their sources - those little numbers in the footnotes and appendices are dishonest and fraudulent. NM refuses to engage in a serious debate (if you know AD, then you know that means evasion, half-truths and broad brushstrokes) because AD is a fraudulent scholar to begin with. One of the debate highlights is when NM glaringly points out that one of the footnotes is from "Sony Pictures". Another highlight is when NM shows that he knows more about what's in AD's book than AD himself. That's because AD doesn't write his books, but rather has his "graduate students at Harvard" do that for him. But, since AD has created a name of sorts for himself, it would be political suicide to claim "The Emperor Has No Clothes". BTW, NM and AD have a long, divisive history between them. There's a lot out there on the web on the feud between these two.