Comment: Ayn Rand = Anti-Love.

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Ayn Rand = Anti-Love.

+1. she was a fake atheist, staunchly pro-usury & pro-zionism.
a hypocrite who talked at length about the 'virtues' of individualism, but condemned the arabs as a block, called them savages. this vampire had a hatred for those who are anti-usury. she had difficulty being loyal to her husband, and to her Creator ( & The Law).

Many on DP are pro-Ayn Rand, though she is recorded as a racist bigot. her scornful words were uttered in front of a huge crowd in an interview posted on Youtube - the same are copied for pro-zion ads placed in new-york-city subway, =

it says = support the "civilized man" = zionists,
against the "savages" = palestinian arabs.

ad paid for by , among others.