Comment: Genuine or Counterfeit?

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Genuine or Counterfeit?

If it were a genuine contest of finding the more accurate viewpoint, then that would be one thing, but if it were an anything goes, any lie will do, so long as the winner wins, then that would be something else, and so a possible idea could be to access the MOB.

There is a thing called the wisdom of crowds, which can be confused with an angry mob that is stirred up by a very clever lie, and the mod is then directed by the liar to go hang some poor innocent person.

There is a logical, reasonable, basis for the things that work, such as Trial by Jury, and the science of statistics.

So long as the flow of information is a truly free market, meaning it is free from deception, the end result is higher quality, and lower cost information.

So the one idea, this debate corner idea, can be combined with another idea, such as a method of judging, or trying the case, whereby one viewpoint is measured for quality and cost relative to another viewpoint, such as may be the case where honest people are trying to find a higher quality viewpoint, at a lower cost, and so the honest people compare notes.

If a drama queen is out to spoil such fun, by inventing any lie that will work to accomplish whatever goal the liar may have in mind, dividing to conquer, or whatever, who knows, and liars don't often confess, then a means by which such liars can be accurately identified, and exposed, during such things as debates, so called, then what goal could be worked toward if that was done?

Higher quality viewpoints that work out to be lower cost viewpoints?

Examples abound.

Example 1

Debate Corner Test Run 101

What are three of the most competitive things that can be done by a certain date to ensure the preservation of Liberty for all those inclined toward Liberty?

Someone might offer The Liberty Day Challenge to be done by July 4th 2013, where those participating are asked to do specific things to reach for the following goals:

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home

That competitive laundry list could include much greater detail, to answer the Debate Test Question.

A competitor could offer a different list, and the Debate over the relative value of one list compared to the other list could ensue.

I don't know, what the other laundry list would be, but I can invent one for illustration.

Impeach Obama
Defend Israel
Punish Illegal Aliens

Whatever, who knows, but the idea here would be to combine the power of The Free Market of Ideas, or a Debate Corner, which would be what it is, with or without a fancy label, and then combine that with a method by which the liars are accurately identified, and avoided by those who prefer a Free Market of Ideas that is free from the lies told by high paid liars.

Trial by Debate Juries combined with Debate Corner?