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How is it false?

Is being well paid a bad thing? Are you telling me that when you apply for a job you seek the lowest wage?

Both Dershowits and Chomsky are for a global government.
Dershowits believes religion has a place in this world and peace can be achieved under a NWO.

Chompsky believes religion is the problem to peace and for a NWO to work, religion needs to be eliminated.

Where I disagree with both is I do not believe a global corporate controlled world is the solution. I am religious, which Dershowits respects, and Chomsky does not.

The poster Calvery4Paul generously provided links to back up his claim that Dershowits is lying. I am about to study them now.

Perhaps you have read these links? Could you tell me which, if any, or all you agree and why, or provide something constructive to this conversation.

Thank you and have a great posting day.