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I don't see that as a contradiction

If a willing employee and a willing employer want to mutually agree on a wage amount, its between them and it's a contract. I would think we agree on that, so minimum wage laws mandated by the state are counter productive to the economy, the employee and the company. Pouring heavy metal waste from a plating company into the rivers or ground water, I see as a wholly different matter. As to what entity is relied on to enforce this, I would think that would be the courts, that's government. In a Republic you still have laws. Ron Paul has made this point with respect to the environment, from a libertarian perspective you don't have a right to dump on others property, public or private.

I personally know of a metal plating company that did just that in the 1970's, they drilled a deep well and just pumped their toxic heavy metal waste water right into the water table. It turned the entire area into a superfund site, many adjoining businesses and homes can not be sold because their wells are contaminated.

Corporations are doing just that in the third world. I don't think we should be trading with countries or importing products that have these abuses. IMHO