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uh, no

I disagree with your first sentence. Go talk to a farmer about what s/he plants. Most farmers use GM crops because it reduces the amount of pesticide used and achieves better yield per acre.

Contrary to your assertion, Monsanto cannot legally come onto your land and force you to do anything, unless you've signed a contract with them. Most farmers use round-up ready seed and, as part of the contract, they agree to certain conditions (not sure of all the conditions). There's nothing conceptually wrong with this. Don't like the contract terms? Don't sign the contract.

If you don't like patents for GM seeds, great, advocate changing or eliminating the patent system. But don't ask for MORE government.

I don't trust Monsanto. They should be liable in the same ways as any other person or company. But your fear-mongering personification of "Monsatan" seem to lack objectivity. Monsanto is not the devil.