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Your first link: electronic intifada/ Palestinian Perspective

On torture, unfortunately and shamefully, the U.N. accepts some forms of torture (which is what the US also practices)

Dershowitz accepts the UN standard of permittable torture, and validates it by seperating it from illegal torture.

I agree with electronic intifida's subject, (ironically being Israeli), Israeli human rights organization, Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI), (this organization would be on the Chomsky side BTW), They testify against ALL torture, the 48 countse being LEGAL by UN standards, does not make Dershowits a liar.

I'm confused by this paragraph:

“Dershowitz’s claim that he had long conversations with PCATI and that we reported that there is no longer any torture in Israel,” I was told by PCATI’s Orah Maggen, “is totally false. We never met with him or spoke with him directly. I did meet him at the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) when he spoke at the Law and Constitution Committee [but]"

"We NEVER with him or spoke with him directly. I did meet him..."

How do you NEVER meet someone and meet them?

"When I reported PCATI’s denial to Professor Dershowitz, he replied: “During my conversation at the Knesset I asked the representative of the committee [Orah Maggen] why they kept their name, despite their acknowledgement that torture was no longer a significant issue? She responded - I remember clear as day - as follows: ‘You have no idea how difficult it is to get attention to any human rights issues in this country. Maintaining our organizational name, with the word torture, is essential to getting needed attention.’ I had an extensive argument with her about that tactic, focusing especially on the international implications and the misleading nature of the name outside of the country. I am certain she remembers the conversation because it was quite heated. It also took place in front of numerous witnesses.”

When I emailed PCATI Dershowitz’s “clear as day” recollection, Ms. Maggen replied that it is true"

So.. where is the lie?

The UN APPROVES of some forms of torture, PCATI DISAPPROVES of ALL torture. While I agree with PCATI that ALL torture should be unacceptable, Israel has not broken any UN torture laws.