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Correctly "Implemented" Means A Reasonable Import TAX !

The { 100,000,000} million Japanese people, when I was there, had almost no cars, but electric rail service serviced most of the country, therefore oil/gasoline was not needed as much as in the USA, Europe, etc. Food production was very important everywhere, and Japan gets plenty of rain.

You must be talking about Israel Which borders on the Mediterranean Sea, when you're talking about a desert country, and fresh water.

Haven't you heard of the ways to turn salt water into fresh water?

If you'd please take the time to read Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, it goes something like this:
Congress has the power to; Collect "Duties" etc. etc., which means customs duties, {Monies} so this is/has been a Constitutional law since about 1792.

All production promotes prosperity !