Comment: From someone close to me :)

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From someone close to me :)


This is freaking me out. Me planning to volunteer, you planning to volunteer, your DP piece, the recent psa with the Ghandi quote [on AFN Radio], our conversation about all of this, then just now I read what somebody posted on LOP today:

The Hippies Were Smarter Than We Gave Them Credit For...

"The hippies back in the 60-70's were a lot smarter than we give credit for. The main philosophy behind the hippy movement was that "by changing yourself, you change society". Why do you think they were black sheeped so f*cking fast, they were actually posing a real threat to the status-quo, and were promptly eliminated, in the exact same way Occupy was crushed, not by the government, but by instilling the mentality that these people are lower than the low, and thus using the people themselves to defeat an idea that would be beneficial to them..."

It shows that we really are all connected, just like the swirling fiber-optic lamp vision of God that I was given.

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