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agree for the most part. Thank you for the well written perspective.

Here is the key phrase that stood out to me

"I saw some kooky ideas but clustered with those were not-so-kooky ideas and I just – as an adult – sifted out the ones I thought were offensive or unfounded." (emphasis mine)

You mean you didn't go running to the mod thread with a quivering lip, crying for someone to save you from something uncomfortable you read? You mean you just focused on your OWN reputation instead of worrying about the reputation of everyone ELSE at the DP? What a novel idea.

Unfortunately this latest fiasco has become an extremely irritable feedback loop. I've seen it happen multiple times over the years. It starts with people complaining about the "conspiracy kooks," and then the conspiracy kooks post more just to piss off the "quivery lipped." There is lack of "adult" behavior on both sides.

While there are some who will calmly and rationally try to debate a particular theory, there are others who seem to enjoy being instigators, antagonists, smart asses, or just crybabies (on both sides) in general.

That being said, I am a self described "conspiracy kook." I don't trust this lying Govt. as far as I could throw it. They have been proven to lie on multiple occasions throughout history. If you lie to me once, chances are you're going to lie to me again. This is also compounded by the corrupt lapdog media that has long forgotten the definition of investigative journalism.

Conspiracy is as old as the dawn of man. Ever since two cavemen got together and decided they could take a dinosaur bone and knock the other one over the head to take his food, conspiracy has existed. History is replete with examples of men conspiring to deceive, control, and enslave his fellow man. To deny that is naive and foolish frankly.

I appreciate those who try to be the "watchmen on the wall." (even if they occasionally get alarmed by mere shadows) I'd rather be around people who are paying attention than braindead zombies who can't seem to discuss anything outside of professional sports, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars.

The crux of the issue is private property rights, not "freedom of expression." Just because I can walk into my buddy's home and call his wife/girlfriend and offensive name (because I think it is the truth) doesn't mean I will. As an "adult," I can hopefully find other ways to resolve the issue.

The homeowner made a simple request (right or wrong) that the "fake actor" theory not be pushed here. Some people rather than respecting the owner's wishes, dug their heels in further in defiance, and ended up getting some of their privileges taken away. Like a child always testing the limits, they eventually found the line. This was also inflamed by the instigators, antagonists, and smart asses.

Now, I'm beginning to see rumblings and sweeping generalisations of "the mods" who most people don't even know, or what their personal beliefs are. I don't like being lumped into a collective and accused of being a control freak. I have long been an advocate for the variety of topic here at the DP.

If you had asked me to help look after your home while you were out of town, and I just ignored your wishes and left the door unlocked and let whoever in the house to do as they please even to the point of having sex in your bed, would you trust me to do it ever again? Would I be considered a friend who has YOUR best interests at heart? Or would I be considered someone who does not honor their word? I personally told Michael to "not give this place a second thought while he was away." Now look at the shitstorm that has been created because people couldn't behave themselves.

People on BOTH sides of the issue need to grow the hell up and simply respect the owner's wishes, or go somewhere else. It's as simple as that. I'm sick of the whiners, and I'm sick of people grandstanding to try and make a point.

I'll tell you this, I cringe when I think of the BS Michael is potentially going to be subjected to when he gets back from his vacation. It's the SAME shit he was subjected to LAST TIME he went on vacation. I understand now why he sometimes wants to scrap this place. I have a WHOLE new appreciation for what he has to do to help maintain the frontpage, and how he has to immerse himself in the "news" and personal squabbles more than he probably wants to. It almost makes me want to throw my hands up, but I will honor my commitment until he returns.