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Well paid liars in demand?

"Is being well paid a bad thing? Are you telling me that when you apply for a job you seek the lowest wage?"

Character Assassination becomes evident when the execution of it moves from the planning stages into the execution stages.

I don't know who has any interest in the answer to those questions, as if asking if the moon is made of cheese.

The Topic is what it is, and pay rates are what they are, and human desires do tend to inspire human action.

"Both Dershowits and Chomsky are for a global government."

Chomsky explains in great detail what he means when he uses words like government, he does so consistently, without contradiction, he does so accurately.

Chomsky is for a government that can be understood if the person wanting to know what Chomsky is for wants to know what Chomsky is for, or against.

Dershowits fills the demand for lies, and is paid well for doing so, and beyond that, beyond being a high paid criminal, a fraud, I see no reason for knowing anything else about that person, to me he is detestable.

Perhaps I would be inspired to ask someone like him to please avoid contact with me, if possible, or some words to that effect.

Close contact with well paid liars can be an opportunity to expose the lies told by the liars, such may be exemplified by the Topic video, as Chomsky does an exemplary job of exposing the lies from that high paid liar, with risks, certainly there are risks, paid for by Chomsky, as costs of some measure resulting from that close contact to that high paid liar, and the other high paid liars of his ilk.

"Dershowits believes religion has a place in this world and peace can be achieved under a NWO."

I certainly do not agree with that statement, as if such a statement could be understood as anything other than an opinion, it is a statement that goes way beyond belief, in my opinion.

The term New World Order is either something measurable, or it is demonstrably false, and that can be demonstrated.

"Chompsky believes religion is the problem to peace and for a NWO to work, religion needs to be eliminated."

I've read books written by Chomsky, and no where in any of the words I read by Chomsky have I found any cause to believe the statement of fact, written as a statement of fact, quoted above, which is another case of opinion being couched as a fact, when it is merely opinion, certainly not fact, and the opinion couched as fact employs words that can mean anything in a large range of possible meanings.

Religion is such a word that can mean any number of false religions to someone who does not believe in religion, to any number of false religions to someone who does believe in religion, to any number of claims of true religion to any number of people who believe in religion.

I am confident in my understanding that Chomsky uses the word religion to describe false religion, and there are many cases of people who believe in religion whereby those believers in religion agree with Chomsky when Chomsky points to a false religion.

If, for example Chomsky points to those people who perpetrated The Spanish Inquisition, as people who believe in false religion, then there are few people who disagree with such a statement, unless the person agreeing with such a statement considers mass torture of the innocent as a true form of religion - I suppose.

"Where I disagree with both is I do not believe a global corporate controlled world is the solution. I am religious, which Dershowits respects, and Chomsky does not."

Dershowits tortures massive numbers of innocent people, a modern example of The Inquisition, as he is paid to lie well so as to cover up those crimes going on even now. Chomsky exemplified what can be done to expose those lies, and work toward less massive numbers of innocent torture victims being thrown onto the pile daily, for someone's fun, and for someone's profit, and not for a nebulous legal fiction, or "corporation," that does not even exist as a thinking being or entity.

"Perhaps you have read these links? Could you tell me which, if any, or all you agree and why, or provide something constructive to this conversation."

Dershouwits is covering up the torture and slaughter of innocent victims, including babies, and there is ample evidence proving the existence of those murdered victims covered up by those lies.

This is serious stuff for those who care about the suffering innocent victims. My suggestion is to start looking at the pile of tortured and murdered victims being covered up by those high paid liars.

I think the next link is a very good start, and I am willfully avoiding the worst of it, so as not to link you to something that you may not be able to handle.

I'll leave out the evidence of babies being tortured and murdered by those people paying those liars to cover up those crimes made legal.

You can, if you care to, look here:

I was born in New Jersey. This place is filled with people like my grand mothers, my grandfathers, my dad, my mom, all gone. I don't like having criminals running the tools that we are supposed to be using to defend Liberty, because my parents taught me better.

Lies do not defend Liberty, so why pay into them so heavily?

"Is being well paid a bad thing? Are you telling me that when you apply for a job you seek the lowest wage?"