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"big difficulties with any

"big difficulties with any dialogue of this scope is the fact that people are often defining terms and concepts differently."

I agree

"Chomsky is more nuanced"...

I do not agree. Telling an audience, four times.. "IF you read English.. go look it up." is not answering questions.

"libertarian socialism does not in my view fit perfectly in the NWO, as I believe it is defined. You do. We disagree on that"

Yes, we disagree adn I'd be happy to debate that with you,

"please do not translate for me what I mean by intellectual integrity."

ABSOLUTELY! I sincerely apologise if you think I was translating as I thought I made it clear, I have no idea what you are talking about. IT IS WHAT IT TRANSLATED TO ME. I'm sure I am wrong in my translation. PLEASE correct me for I still do not understand what you mean and even if it's relevant to the debate, except you like Chomsky. I do have that correct?

"If you want a more specific objection I have against Dershowitz, I would start with the fact that he is historically inaccurate"

Do you have anything to back up your claim?

"You say you do not agree with Dershowitz on everything and can say why. Please, say why. I am curious."

While it could be because Dershowitz is an academic, and academics are taking us into a corporate global government, which is how I define the NWO, he empolys the U.N. as a solution. I do not agree. I think the UN and US, Russia, Germany have done more harm with their entanglements than helped to reach a peaceful solution.