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Are they? Never gave it much thought

I'm not here to assassinate your charactor, IF that is what you are charging me with. I apologise. I don't know you, I don't know your charactor.

I'm a capitalist.. money make s the world go round, I have no problem with people making billions. Actually I LOVE it. The more billionaires the better. I would LOVE to be a billionaire. Wouln't you?

Yes, in all his decades he has made it clear he is a libertarian socialst (many call Ubra-liberal). Marx is a hero to Chomsky.

And then you insult Dershowits. I take it that you have your mind made up about him, really don't know or care, he's a great strawman for you becasue insult fill in where the mind has a blank.

I'm happy to resume not being in contact with you, since that seems to be a theme with me and you. Can't debate.. please, run away.

Could you please be specifc about "THE LIES", because you are not making an intellegent case, but have reduced yourself here to name calling and insults.

False religion to me, are those who want a secular state to worship.

While I personally do not agree with torture, IT IS LEGAL UNDER THE UN. This is why I oppose the UN. So as long as the UN allows for touture, than why blame Israel? It's the seat of westewrn "false" religion".

There is NO coverup. So.. would you rather be tortured by the USA, think Syra does a better job? Think Palestine doesn't torture people?

Are you a communist? I consider Chomsky a communist, oh I know he says he's a libertarian- socialist.. but isn't this invented term to confuse people,, why, for example Ron Paul was asked, "Are you in the wrong party?"