Comment: Through pain and suffering will we wake up to truth.

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Through pain and suffering will we wake up to truth.

It's sad such a violation would occur to a anyone by a protector of our safety, but we've been hearing these stories for at least two years now. Apparently, the mother of this 14 yr old beauty was ignorant or stupid to what could occur at an airport.
If a person hears from neighbors that a butcher sells bad food, he/she does not buy from that shop; now after all these terrible TSA stories why do people continue to fly.
On the other hand, for everyone who is violated by these people maybe one or two others of that family wake up to the truth that we are under siege by government. Obama did more for the 2nd Amdmt than anyone in history. I just hope the mother did not go back to sleep shortly after the incident and investigated further.
I know from past experience this mother and daughter will take decades if ever to heal from that horrifying experience. Only vengeance can make things right.
It is about time to realize violence directed properly is a good thing, and often as today, the only thing that will stop or change an adversary's direction. It is time to pick up the sword. I wish the woman plots vengeance against the TSA; and the perpetrators are identifiable, stealth would be best.