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Itani claims Lebanon is a Democracy.

Here's the CIA World Fact Book on the USA, note you will see the word Democratic... "democractic leaning"

Here's Lebanon, and note, you will not find the word Democractic anywhere

I find the wiki defination very interesting in that they claim Lebanon is a democracy and the highest offices are reserved (what kind of democracy is that?

Palestine is absent from the CIA which promts me to wriute them a letter and ask why. On Wiki, you will not see the word democracy

"hen it comes to Israel, Dershowitz is incapable of entertaining two supporting ideas simultaneously, if such a consideration would make them equally valid for both Israel and its Arab neighbors."

I find this untrue based on AD's own words:

Is peace possible in the Middle East?


The Arab-Israeli conflict should end with a two-state solution under which all the Arab and Muslim states-indeed the entire world-acknowledge Israel's right to continue to exist as an independent, democratic, Jewish state with secure and defensible boundaries and free of terrorism. In exchange, Israel should recognize the right of Palestinians to establish an independent, democratic, Palestinian state with politically and economically viable boundaries. For these mutually compatible goals to be achieved, extremists on both sides must give up what they each claim are their God-given or nationalistic rights. Israeli extremists must give up their claimed right to all of biblical Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel), and their claimed right to maintain Jewish settlements on, or to continue the military occupation of, disputed areas that would be allocated to the Palestinian state. Palestinian extremists must give up their claimed right to all of "Palestine," including what is now Israel, as well as the alleged right of millions of descendants of those who left or were forced out of what is now Israel during the war of 1947-1949 to "return" to their "ancestral homes" in Israel. Unless these claimed rights are mutually surrendered in the interest of achieving a pragmatic, compromise resolution to the conflict, there can be no enduring peace. But if these claimed rights are surrendered, peace can be achieved. The remaining disputes-and there are many-will be much easier to resolve if agreement is reached on these fundamental issues.

"Thus, Dershowitz implies that Israel’s assault on Lebanon, which has killed close to 500 innocent civilians, compared with 18 Israeli civilians killed by Hizbollah’s response, is not only "reasonable", but "proportional." This is a typical racist argument, which states that when you kill one of ours, and we kill 20 of yours,.."

Itano is calling AD a racist, which is not even what AD was talking about, (but as usual when it comes to liberal argumemts racism seems to always be part of the fodder.. Palestinans originated from Greece, they are not sematics, and frankly, I find the entire "anti-semetic" argument irrelevant. Do I have to be a semetic to support Palestine?

"One need not go beyond the third paragraph of his piece to confirm Alan Dershowitz for the propagandist and liar-on-behalf-of-Israel that he is, since he offers the reader an outright lie. He writes: " democratic nations (…) deliberately locate their military bases away from civilian population centers. Israel has its air force, nuclear facilities and large army bases in locations as remote as anything can be in that country." Therefore, he adds: "It is possible for an enemy to attack Israeli military targets without inflicting "collateral damage" on its civilian population." In reality, Israel does no such thing, i.e. all of its military installations, like ammunition factories for example, are not "located… as remotely as anything can be in the country." Some, as Jonathan Cook confirms in one of his recent articles entitled "Five Myths", are located quite close to the city where Cook lives"

Having grown up in the military, I find AD to be correct about the stratigy of a military base, and I find Itani playing on the ignorance of the public educated Ameircan population on size of Israel. Israel is the size of N.J, and being a military state by default (because Israel was established with Arab agreement) no base can be ideali as far as Israel or anyone would want.

"Indeed, neither does the U.S. locate its military factories "as remotely as anything can be" from its population centers."

YES, the military does.. weapon and arms bases are located far from urban areas, SUPPORT, and this is administration are localted near and within urban populations.

From hee, Itani reduces himself to insults and name calling, "Israeli apologists".. on and on.. to where he shows his true insporation Norman Finklestein.

Maybe Mr. Itani could do us all a favor and answer why 30K people a day go to Israel, why people will do whatever they can to live and occupy Israel (Occupied Palestine) and no one is running to go live in Palesine?

If you have a choice to go to Israel or Palestine, which would you prefer and why?