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Is it?

"I'm a capitalist.. money make s the world go round, I have no problem with people making billions. Actually I LOVE it."

Why would you, or anyone, be inspired to make such a statement ever, let alone make such a statement to me in this time and place?

What could I have ever said, for example, to inspire you to make that confession about your feelings concerning people or money?

Your statement, in context, your confession about people and money, appears, in context, to be as if you think I have a problem with someone making money, or you may be connecting such a feeling about me with Noam Chomsky, who you may also feel as if Noam Chomsky has a problem with people and money, so your coverage of this perceived need to respond to people (me, and Noam) having this idea that something is wrong with people and money, or people making money, or people making a lot of money, a problem to them, supposedly, is shown to be not a problem to you, and therefore you cover both me, and Noam, as if hitting two birds with one stone.

I see no place, no reason, for such a confession about your feelings concerning people making money, since I have not said anything to inspire such an off topic confession.

Is the Topic a concern about Noam Chomsky and his use of his time and energy, such that you think Noam Chomsky is not doing good things?

How does the Topic move to your ideas about people making money; why not start a topic titled Me and my ideas about people making money?

Where do I get connected to your ideas about people making money?

Is it a minor measure of your creation of a false me, so as to then enable you to defeat the false version of me?

It looks like that to me.

"Marx is a hero to Chomsky."

To me that is similar to me publishing pictures of you busy worshiping Satan, and I make many flyers of your acts of devil worship, and I can distribute those lies of you to anyone who may connect you to the lie I invent about you.

It is not the same degree of falsehood, but it is the same principle.

I can illustrate an even more extreme degree of the principle so as to help convey the principle without having the principle mistook for something it is not.

I can go to greater extremes with this principle by which a person invents false images of someone that is targeted by the person inventing false images.

If you can show, on the other hand, an example of Noam Chomsky in that act of hero worship, or an example of what you mean when you choose those false images of Noam Chomsky, then someone like me can then judge better, as to just exactly how false your false images of Chomsky are, without all the distance between the evidence and the false claims.

In such a case where you provide examples of what you mean, if such a thing were to occur, then I could refrain from offering any defense against these examples of false images invented by you and falsely attached to Noam Chomsky. You would, by your example of providing evidence, show exactly how you go from the available evidence to your false version of the available evidence, for anyone who may care to know how you accomplish that goal.

"And then you insult Dershowits."

The person in question provides all the inculpatory evidence any reasonable person would require to arrive at the obvious understanding of the fact that Dershowits insults himself.

Having the opportunity to expose the lies told by the liar is a blessing in my opinion, and a blessing that is thankfully provided by you, with Noam Chomsky's additional, generous, help.

You linked the video, and Noam Chomsky challenging the liar, giving the liar a stage from which to perpetrate those lies, and the event was recorded, which helps in recording the lies for all to see as they may care to do.

I can quote:

The well paid liar proves that he is a liar with the following words (a small sampling of the volume of lies):

"When the Palestinian leadership wants a Palestinian State more than it wants to see the destruction of Israel there will finally be a two State Solution."

That is suitable as an example of lies told by the high paid liar. Note the bait and switch routine crafted so well, to exemplify these well crafted lies told by these high paid liars.

"...the Palestinian leadership..."


Where is this list of names? If there is a list of names of people who are both "...the Palestinian leadership..." and "it," then someone could work to find those people and then find out if those people actually do "want the destruction of Israel," and then work could be done along the lines of avoiding the continued torture and slaughter of so many innocent people, like those innocent people on the U.S.S. Liberty, and those babies being tortured, and slaughtered in Palestine by those people who pay this high paid liar so much for such lies as this one example among many.

Thankfully the high paid liar got right to the lies so that I was spared the heavy cost of having to listen to more of the same.

"I take it that you have your mind made up about him, really don't know or care, he's a great strawman for you becasue insult fill in where the mind has a blank."

Here is a good example of you lying about me. Please stop.

If there were a power on earth, a human will power, not the power of the creator, if there were powerful human beings willing to expose the lies of those high paid liars, like Chomsky exposing that high paid liar in the Topic Link, then they can work and reach that goal, as your example shows.

Now your example that you show is to lie about me.

Leaving me out of the Topic is preferable,as far as I am concerned; but if you continue to create these lies about me, and publish these lies about me, then know of the costs of your sins, please, before you continue with further lies about me, that you invent, and then publish, as if I were, in any way, deserving of your invention of lies told about me in this public place.

"I'm happy to resume not being in contact with you, since that seems to be a theme with me and you. Can't debate.. please, run away."

Here is more of the same falsehood that mimic, or parrot, the examples that are exemplified in the actual Topic. As the initiators of aggression are prone to do, they blame their targeted victims as being the cause of the aggression. I think the words that work to categorize this behavior are projection and transference.

I prefer that you do not contact me, personally, at all, and the story of the tar baby comes to mind.

It is a good story, and it illustrates the costs of doing business with high paid liars, of which I am sure that Noam Chomsky is not without personal experience in that regard.

"Could you please be specifc about "THE LIES", because you are not making an intellegent case, but have reduced yourself here to name calling and insults."

Names are accurate. A high paid liar is both high paid, and a liar, and when the high paid liar is paid to lie, then the sentence works to convey accurate meaning; which is the goal when that is the goal.

When the goal is to invent lies, and then publish lies, that is the goal reached for, and sometimes that goal works on people who believe in such lies.

Sometimes people don't believe in such lies.

I don't. I appreciate any help in discovering any lies that I may yet be believing.

"So as long as the UN allows for touture, than why blame Israel?"

More of the same lies either invented, or parroted, the actual words in English, separate from any person who may intend to accomplish something with those words, uncover the falsehood, the lie, in the message, or within the symbols which direct human perception.

Take one of those babies being tortured right now by one of the people doing the torturing, and then try to find a way to stop the person doing the torturing, and where does the signs in the message point?

The UN?


If the tortured baby is being tortured in the UN, then by all means, go there, find that poor innocent victim and do something to stop the person doing the torturing - please.

I am not misdirected by the lie.

The baby being tortured in Palestine by those doing the torturing, and aided by those doing the lying, are right there in Palestine, not the UN.

If the concern is a concern for someone being tortured in Israel, then that is certainly going to be found in Israel, and again, not found in a Legal Fiction, or an agreement, or a building, or a number of people on a list, where one or more of the people on the list may also be aiding, and abetting, paying for, or investing in, or covering up, torturing, and mass murdering of innocent people in other places.

I don't believe in the lie that the UN is to be blamed.

I don't believe in the lie that Israel is to be blamed.

What would be the point of placing responsibility of human actions upon things?

More lies?

I think so.

I think, beyond reasonable doubt, that the available evidence concludes the fact that the sentence is the product of a human mind that intends to misdirect the targeted victims of the lie so constructed for that purpose.


"There is NO coverup. So.. would you rather be tortured by the USA, think Syra does a better job? Think Palestine doesn't torture people?"

The principle there, beyond a shadow of doubt, is the same principle shared by all the lying criminals, as the lies are intended to divert accountability from the lying criminals and onto anything but the lying criminals who lie to cover up other, very evil, crimes, such as torture of babies, and mass murder of innocent people.

"Are you a communist?"

If the sentence is targeting me, then a justification for the sentence targeting me, personally, is requested, since the obvious here is obvious enough to me, to be, another example of Character Assassination.

Are you a devil worshiper?

My justification for asking that question is to ask anyone who invents and publishes so many lies, as those lies quoted and commented on, above, indicates that the person resorting to deception could be, by their willful actions, paying homage to the deceiver himself, at least, and quite possibly proving the case that if it looks like a turd, smells like a turd, there really isn't any point in tasting it.

The goal I am reaching for here, is analogized, at least from my admittedly error prone viewpoint, as offering enough rope so that the liars can do what liars do, on a regular basis, they prove that they are liars.

I think the Topic is this type of allowing the liars to prove that they are liars, exemplified well enough.

I've been wrong often. I can work to be more accurate, with help.

I do not want to send a message that may suggest my unwillingness to expose the liars for their lies.