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Forth Link: Desert Peace

Desert Peace claims three BIG lies

Number 1, To recap, in 2012, Dershowitz claimed that Israel immediately offered to give the West Bank back to Jordan, based upon his own decade-old book that makes no such claim, which was in turn based upon a 1999 Morris work that explicitly stated the opposite.

Actually, no surprize, I find this to be disingenuous because the word that is in dispute is IMMEDIATE. What is IMMEDIATE to Dershowitz is not what it IMMEDIATE to David Samel. That does not make it a lie, but rather a disagreement of time, and what's astonishing is Israel did give back WHAT SHE RIGHTFULLY WON AND DID NOT HAVE TO GIVE BACK. Talk about ingrates.. cake icing.

Number 2, "As for Jordan, Dershowitz’s lie is even worse. Jordan made peace with Israel but did not get any of its territory back. It is true that it renounced its claim to the West Bank, but it assigned its rights over the territory to the Palestinians. If Israel, in exchange for a peace treaty with Jordan, had returned “all of [Jordan’s] territory” captured in 1967, it would have returned the entire West Bank to Jordan’s designated beneficiary, the Palestinian people. Instead, it has never relinquished one inch of that territory."

JORDAN RENOUNCED IT'S CLAIM, thus is has no possition to assign anything. (If I give you my car, and say, Here's my car, but only the neighbor can drive it" Have I given you the car? Saying what they would have, should have, could have is not exposing a lie, it's a lie in and if itself because it voes something other could ahve been done and that has NOTHING to do with Dershowits.

Number 3, “The Grand Mufti said there is no such thing as the Palestinian people. The last thing we want is a Palestinian State.“

after an insult Samel says, "It is, of course, true, that the Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, as well the overwhelming majority of Palestinians, opposed the 1947 UN Partition Plan proposing a Jewish and an Arab State, but the objection was to the Jewish State, where hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish Palestinians resided."

This is a lie the liberals (libertarian -socialists) employ to confuse. There is an Israeli Government, not a Jewish Government.