Comment: Patrick Henry--The Virginia Ratification Con. (Saw this coming--

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Patrick Henry--The Virginia Ratification Con. (Saw this coming--

200+ years ago) June 4 - 12, 1788

(The 5th & 6th paragraphs of the speech, ( for the rest: )

"If you make the citizens of this country agree to become the subjects of one great consolidated empire of America; your Government will not have sufficient energy to keep them together. Such a government is incompatible with the genius of Republicanism; there will be no real checks, no real balances, your rope-dancing, chain-rattling ridiculous ideal. But, sir, 'we are not feared by foreigners, we do not make nations tremble'. Would this, sir, constitute happiness or secure liberty?? I trust, sir, that our political hemisphere will ever direct their operations to the security of these objects.

Consider our situation, Sir, go to the poor man and ask him what he does. He will inform you that he enjoys the fruits of his labor, under his own fig tree, with his wife and children around him, in peace and security. Go to every other member of society; you will find the same tranquil ease and content; you will find no alarms or disturbances. Why, then, tell us of danger to terrify us into an adoption of this new form of government? And yet, who knows the dangers that this new system may produce? They are out of the sight of the common people; they cannot foresee latent consequences. I dread the operation of it on the middle and lower classes; it is for them that I fear the adoption of this system........"

(Talk about fair warning!)

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