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Why do you have to try and

Why do you have to try and make one site all things to all people? Please tell me the one site on the entire web that is. Google? That's the closest you'll get and even that site isn't for everyone. Some people will never use Google.

Every single site on the web censors content. Why do I say that? Because every single site on the web makes some decision about what is and what isn't on their site. Even sites like Reddit have decided that petitions are spam and so they delete them. Moderators of different sections on Reddit make all kinds of decisions to leave or delete content--all the time.

Obviously you've never tried to run a news website and that's why you have absolutely no perspective of what is involved, or what sites do and don't do. That's why you think you have the right to tell this site how to run it's business. You don't!

If you want a conspiracy story and DP doesn't cover it well, go somewhere else! Stop saying that the DP isn't good because it didn't do exactly what you wanted when you wanted it.

Oh no, the floodgates of banning and censorship are opening and are going to ruin the DP once and for all?! Banning and censorship have been happening on this site since 2004. You're just recognizing it now?

The DP is a great site for what it is good at. Leave it at that and stop pretending you know how to run a news blog. Stop pretending you should be the authority on what goes on here and stop pretending the world is going to end because you just started noticing that some posters and some posts get deleted. Get over it and move on.

No website will ever be all things to all people. That's why there are so many websites on the web. If you don't get one topic well here, go over there. Don't get another topic well over there? Then come back here.

There is no one size fits all and the world isn't ending because you've decided that there should be no censorship. Get over it, browse the web and in the end get all that you need. You don't need to try and pretend that you're the keeper of the truth and you're here to rescue the DP. You aren't on both counts.

If I sound annoyed it's because I've seen one hundred versions of this post, posted by and up-voted by self-righteous people just like you, stirring up conflict over nothing, over and over again. It's really getting really old. You've said nothing here, you've stood on no principle and you've accomplished nothing. That's the truth.