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Killings in Syria & More.

Assad's securuty forces are are 4 types, police, army, secret services and the loyal & vicious shia militia, who receive human & material support from Iran, Iraq, Hizbollah of Lebanon, and also Russia. Russia & Iran are arms manufacturing powers. Only the massive supplies of ammo could destroy much of the country, = homes, bakeries, pharmacies, villages & towns,- where-ever demonstrators came out to protest.

Please read - "The Baniyas Massacre: Why Assad Did It", + photos,

Jordan to host 'world's largest refugee camp' -

Video shows Burmese police standing by as Buddhists attack Muslims -

Russia is doing its share of killings in Chechenya & central asia, U$ & NATO are involved in Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali, & coordinating in some other countries, e.g. zionists on Gaza & Palestine. Over 10 national govts are doing it to their own folks, e.g. Bangla-Desh, Yemen, Nigeria, Uzbek - -, Pak - -, etc. Gitmo, torture, missing thousands, etc.
The UNO or NWO are not well understood by the victims of genocide, some of them think its a local affair. Those connected to electronic media know better.
Oh, it is called the GWOT = Global War On Terror.