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Often I speak in references without knowing it

I knew my subject "You make a good point" had something to do with something I had experienced.

I then recalled that it was from the movie Rango, so I searched on the quote.

While the search was returning, the ending word "son" came to my mind.

I saw that the Mayor had said that, and Rango had said just before that, "I guess power has its privileges."

I then remembered that before Rango said that, the Mayor was saying something to Rango and pouring himself a glass of water (which was scarce in the movie). The Mayor was just about to pour Rango a glass when Rango spoke -- and at that point, the Mayor pulled the flask away.

Note that I'm not comparing myself to the Mayor, who did evil deeds; just that my subconsciousness pulled the quote out as appropriate, because I was pulling the resource away at that moment.

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