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Comment: GMO's are killing all that flies and crawls

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GMO's are killing all that flies and crawls

I seen a bill board advertisement last fall from a seed company that made this exact claim. They guarantee to kill all insects that crawl under or fly over their precious GMO crop.

It's no wonder my 300 beehives are now down to just a few, so sad. One week end I even watched my bees fall dead out of the sky after flying over a corn field. I never saw this happen in my life time. I have kept bees on and off for 40+ years.

It's all in the seed coating they use on GMO crops, it's a neonicotinoid insecticide. It's a derivative of nicotine, and since it is a plant base the plant reproduces it. creating it's own pesticide, so then it comes out in the pollen that bees collect and even in the nectar. But by no means feel left out the human population is take a big hit as well. Child autism is 1/50 now 20 years ago it was 1/20,000. Cancers are way up, alzheimers is up 9,000%, diabetes is up 10% every year. Scientist from other countries are claiming up to 4 million Americans have died from GMO's.

Italy has outlawed this stuff in half of the country a couple years ago as a test, now all of Italy has banned this crap. The bees recovered in about a year.

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