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Comment: You need to educate yourself on GMO's

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You need to educate yourself on GMO's

Do you realize that GMO's have their DNA structure manipulated by using viruses to invade the cells with the desired DNA. Then they use an Antibiotic markers so they can identify GMO's from non-GMO's easily. Also they ad some bacteria called Bacillus Thuringiensis or BT. BT was very safe to use as a spray it was never meant to go inside the plant. Then before planting this human wonder seed they coat it with the most dangerous insecticide known to man (neonicotinoid insecticide). This insecticide is systemic, in that it becomes part of the plant. So now the insecticide is in the pollen, nectar, and in the seed, which we all eat.

So now we have a seed that has come from a Lab that Frankenstein would be proud of. The plants grown from these seed will have multiple viruses present, a antibiotic inserted, lots of BT toxins, with a nasty insecticide to boot. If this makes you hungry for this human wonder of a food, then march right down to Walmart and buy their sweet corn and eat up. You can also get the same food nutrition through Green Giant and other canned corn. HUM HUM!

BTW I live this crap I have lost over 300 beehives from GMO's, I have seen my bees die right in front of me from this shit. Please educate yourself Monsatan is the devil reincarnated!

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