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What is going on here? What kind of a debate are you hosting? I am not sure of what your position is by reading your post. I see you defending Israel on other threads but still do not know what your position is.

"BOTH Dershowitz and Chomsky are for a NWO, the difference is Dershowitz wants Israel and Palestine to become peaceful states under a U.N. corporate government, where Chomsky wants Israel and Western religion eliminated to establish government as "GOD".

I actually struggled my way through most of the debate and could not find any reference to the above statement. I think Chomsky clearly won the debate though. Chomsky is a useful idiot, but the one place where he makes sense is on this particular subject. Regardless, a debate between a lying Zionist extremist (Dershowitz) and a gatekeeping socialist hypocrite (Chomsky)is not all too pertinent to what I think is the real debate. Chomsky actually hit the nail on the head in his first statement. Why is it our business? Because we finance it. The real debate is why are we financing it. If my money did not go over there to pay for the atrocities perpetrated by Israel I would not debate the issue. But since my money pays for this nonsense I have an obligation to speak out against it. Also, since my money goes to the wholesale slaughter of Arabs, partially on behalf of surreptitious demands by Israel, I think Israel is my business.

My personal opinion is that Israel was created fraudulently and has since been a thorn in the side of the entire world. Yes, a great big throbbing thorn. Yes, thorn.

So what to do? What can one do when they are being blackmailed with nuclear 'holocaust'?
Yep, that's right. That is what the 29 standing ovations was all about. I guess is all makes sense. What choice do those politicians have? I say cut 'em off. Stop the funding and support of their terror. Call their bluff.

Now what exactly are you arguing, ❣Granger❣?

Oh, btw, my Israeli friends used to always joke about there being too many rocks in Israel. They joked about the disproportionate weapons between the Arabs (their word, they won't utter 'Palestinian' as it would de-legitimize the existence of Israel)and them.