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I'm by no means an expert on classical interpretation of that word during years of 1897-1967. I sense that after 1967 Six Day War, the word gathered its negative connotations.

I read scattered references that an early Zionist like Nahum Goldmann fully believed in Wikipedia definition you posted YET at the same time emphasized peaceful co-existence with Palestinian Arabs. It didn't have to mean anything "OTHER THAN" Wikipedia definition, rather carried inferences "IN ADDITION TO" Wikipedia definition.

Person like Uri Avnery never questions right of Jewish state of Israel to exist - satisfying classical Wikipedia definition of Zionist - yet has dedicated his life struggling for peaceful co-existence with Palestinian Arabs. As stated before, Noam Chomsky is a similar example.

People like David Ben Gurion, Chaim Weizmann, Elie Wiesel did not fall in such category. They showed no regard about fate of Palestinians, and outright fabricated lies about them. Elie Wiesel is still alive, and in fact (regardless of his fraudulent Nobel Peace Prize) his viewpoints are aligned with "negative" interpretation of Zionism.

Talking about Norman Finkelstein himself, here are words from the horse's mouth. Go to 23:00 mark in below video. Finkelstein says: The word "Zionism" has transformed so much over time & means so many negative or positive things to so many people, that it causes too much confusion. He has stopped using it altogether.

That's as much as I can say on this nitpick, given my limited expertise on the topic. I'll go & try to find those references about Nahum Goldmann I had seen. If I can locate them, I'll post them here for further clarification.

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