Comment: Compass & Self-Analysis.

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Compass & Self-Analysis.

We need a trusted criterion, a compass which is doubt-less. When we are unsure or lost - the 'aid' of faulty material can worsen our situation/ condition. The present mess in the world has been created by pretenders, who claim to 'know', even if they do know they conceal. This way it becomes difficult to know who is friend, foe or fool.

When /or once we understand what is Truth, then we can classify people into three types - only. Firstly, Truth has only One version, e.g. 2+2=4.
It canNot be 2+2=5, 2+2=6, 2+2=22, nor 2+2=4.1 even though its close. Now we try and see the difference-s, of the 3 types/ kinds.

1) The Fair-minded, who seek Truth, recognize it when they find it, value it and make note of it, remember (& read ritually), recall & remind when required or formally (teach), explain & clarify for easy understanding of others. We can call him /them the careful = Witness of Truth.

2) The Anti- Truth, who oppose knowingly. There are two sub -types here, = the active and the passive. Passive ones conceal the truth, the active ones are liars, or those who mix true & false, who corrupt, edit or change records of truth, = who bear false witness & misguide. We call them Liars.

3) The Care-less, the unaware, or those misled by liars. Those who ignored the truth and remain ignorant. Those who did not value truth and so forgot it, lost it, they give ear to nonsense, prone to exploitation. Struggle in trials, found in Error.

So, we have 1st as True, 2nd as False, 3rd as Error.

If you search for the 4th you become 3rd. There are Only 3, and there are degrees within each. 3rd can find 1st and correct their'Self, join & be'come as 1st, get invitation/ entry to Noah's Ark.

If the 3rd reject the 1st, then the 3rd become 2nd. 2nd can give up arrogance, repent & amend, announce truth, but here is low probability because accumulated guilt hardens their heart /stance. The 2nd keep themselves out, got drowned in The Flood.

1st _ Beware, even you can be misled by the whisper of the serpent - Satan, = this happened to father Adam & wife, when they became 3rd, = then they felt the discomfort of nakedness, had regrets. So, later they were offered another chance, re-entry & mercy. The Merciful sent the Word for repentance & Forgiveness.