Comment: Drop / Kick Boxer Rebellion

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Drop / Kick Boxer Rebellion

How is it a conundrum ?

I appreciate the form and substance of this post. And I'm also very sympathetic with Jefferson's lament about the rowdy intercourse in this animal house leaving a sloppy spot under the coats in the DP master bedroom. Those who have been around the homestead through the years can cut each other some slack acknowledging the good faith of the genuine participants here as a basis to get along until Michael settles back.
To those who just can't be agreeable I say: 'let's take it outside.'

Artist: Brantley Gilbert
Song: Take It Outside:

"These days things have changed
A lot of talk
Lot of pushin' and shovin'
Well if you wanna walk the walk
Let's have some respect
Got girls in here
Just pay your tab
And lay down your beer
So let's take it outside
Take it outside

It's man to man
Toe to toe
You know we need to go
Where nobody's gonna break it up
Not until we've had enough
And if you think you've got the guts
Then let's take it outside
Well if you think you're man enough …"