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Hi ((((ducky)))))

What's going on here? I'm educating myself and learning how to debate this issue better.

What kind of debate am I hosting here? One where I am not reading nothing but hate, insults, and name calling concerning the Israel/Palestine issue.

My position for the moment would be, "the devil's advocate". My mind on this issue will not be made up. I fully intend to go to Israel for an extended stay to 1. Build homes for Palestinians. 2, Volunteer for the IDF. 3. Tour the holy land with an, a)Catholic, b) Protestant, c) Jewish and d) Muslim (Sunni) guide, and do the food tour (thank you for that most excellent suggestion!).

What you quoted from me in your post, is what conclusion I have been drawing from my unguided studies on the subject.

You say Chomsky won the debate and then insult him, but offer no reason why you believe he won. "He made sense on this one subject"... how so?

I'm with Dershowitz at this point and I do not see any lies he's telling. Below I responded to 5 links and explained why I do not buy this idea Dershowitz is lying. You are welcome to pick any one of them and challenge me (Dershowitz to you).

I don't share your view on Chomsky's first question. I don't believe he was coming from an economic position. I believe his AGENDA is anti-religous, and asks, "WHY is IT our business?", because to him, it is a religious war, as it is to many people who see THE DOME OF THE ROCK as THE prize.

As for financing IT, I do not agree with you. We are dependent on Israel for their technology, which includes advances in technological weapons.

I encourage you to continue studying, because your accusations of Israel are not correct by my research. Dershowits shows a map connecting Gaza to West Bank. Chomsky has NO solution. Dershowitz believes there can be PEACE, and I agree with Dershowitz.

How was Israel created "frauduantly" The Arab rulers accepted the Balfore Treaty and the Arab rulers asked the Palestinians to leave. Why blame Israel? Today, over 1.5 million Arabs are being displaced by Arabs in Syria, 80K murdered and this has NOTHING to do with Israel, yet people blame Israel.

Calling Israel a "Thorn", to me, means nothing except you oppose the establishment of Israel (and I will ASSUME because your choice of words leave me littel choice) that while you call Chomsky a, "useful idiot", (and I asked people refrain from name calling and insults so I really wish you could have respected me and found more approriate terms than "useful idiot, "thorn.. the insults to me are lack of courage and compassion), you would be on MY IDEA of what Chomsky represents, Atheist who sees religion as the problem and wiping Israel off the map is THE only solution.. please correct my assumption).

I appreciate the links ((((ducky))), and will study them and give you a report when I have time.. I have to get going to my meetings.

I say Dershowitz has a very good solution, and looking at the dates of your papers, Israel and peace negotiations have advanced, today Palestine is celebrating the opening od a Kentucy Fried Chicken store.

Hate has never been a solution no matter how good it makes one feel.

Blame may make one "feel good", but it does not offer a solution.