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Anon - I pose this to you

So, you're right, maybe I am posing a non-libertarian view in this thread, but have you learned nothing from our Dr. Paul? You have the right to life, liberty and the fruits of your labor (pursuit of happiness) as long as those rights do not infringe upon the rights of, it is okay for a multinational-immune-by-way-of-government-collusion-corporation to rape the land, sow the life-codes of crops to buy out competition and control use, patent and own life, devastate soil base all while maintaining a revolving door that leads to and from the political offices of our nation? Wow! I've been had. All this time I thought I was arguing against this, but you've proven to me that these actions are allowable in a free-market...thank you. Do you have children? See, I do and I will fight with my last breath against those who manipulate and with government-body approval come to own what is given by Nature - it is ok to alter the DNA-code and life-codes of crops in order to take ownership of them and use that ownership for legal gain and future immunity...great f&*^ing system to uphold consumers should just deal with any diseases, long-term illness and allergens because it would impose a cost on multi-billion dollar giants to label their "wonderfully advantageous" products...who do you think you are talking to...a child? Give me a break!

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