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Comment: You haven't presented a poor argument.

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You haven't presented a poor argument.

Re: "I provided you a wiki link on Chomsky, and on his bio, on the right of the page, you will see under the heading RELIGION: "No Religion" (atheist)."

Yes, and what does this have to do with your assertion about what he wants to happen?

Re: "I apologise for presenting a poor argument in your opinion;"

You haven't presented a poor argument. You haven't presented an argument at all. You've just presented an assertion with some random unrelated points. You haven't related any of the information you've provided to the conclusion which is supposed to result.

Re:"I apologise for not understanding what your point is, or exactly what you are expecting from me in an argument. ... If this is offensive to you, I apologise."

I'm not offended at all, and have no hard feelings towards you. What I was hoping was that you would provide a reason for why you believe your assertion. I can't see inside of your mind to make the connections you make between the information you've presented, to come up with your assertion as a conclusion. I'm simply asking why you would say what you do. Is it a hunch, is it a feeling, or did you use logic? If logic, then you should be able to demonstrate your reasoning. I don't mean this as an insult, but you may want to consider taking a course on logic or reading a book about it. Perhaps you are using some form of logic, but just don't know how to enunciate it. I really think logic is something that should be taught in 3rd or 4th grade and I don't know why our education system waits until college to teach it. Not knowing about logic (which is more like math than philosophy) doesn't mean you are less intelligent, but knowing about it can help you in every area of life.