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I appreciate you playing devil's advocate. I think the media and our government are doing a fine job of it too though. I thought the name calling was prohibited against you. I thought my words were just descriptions of how I see it. Sorry for breaking the rules.

I called Dershowitz a liar because, as we both witnessed, Finklestein exposed it. Chomsky did too. He is a liar.

Chomsky works for the PTB. He is a gatekeeper. His complete failure to grasp simple economics earns him the title of an idiot. A first grader knows more about economics than him. I have to believe that this position of his is his job as gatekeeper. So he is useful to someone.

Please see the links I provided for 'thorns'. If nuclear blackmail on the US and the World is not a 'thorn', I do not know what is.

You will have to provide proof that Israel is an asset to us. They blackmail us. That is the relationship. The one country that has attacked us in the past hundred years is Israel. And multiple times. What kind of relationship is that?

I think it is a fabulous idea to visit Israel. Traveling is the best way to learn. Maybe you can figure it all out and report back with good news. The food will make it all worth while.

My solution: Call their bluff. Quit supporting them militarily and monetarily. See if they mean business with their Samson Option (please address). My whole point is about the Samson Option. Which, btw, the threat of which has been used by Meir against Nixon.

"In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Arab forces were overwhelming Israeli forces and Prime Minister Golda Meir authorized a nuclear alert and ordered 13 atomic bombs be readied for use by missiles and aircraft. The Israeli Ambassador warned President Nixon of “very serious conclusions" if the United States did not airlift supplies. Nixon complied. This is seen by some commentators on the subject as the first threat of the use of the Samson Option."

That is a very unhealthy relationship even in the most flawed of 'friendships'.

❣Granger❣ Still love ya❣