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Well spoken

You have come to a great realization for the age of 24. I feel like most people never make it there and for those that do it is much later in their life. In high school I read Voltaire's Candide and the final conclusion, "we must cultivate our garden" I have always taken this to fall along the lines of your thoughts. The world is a wild place and much is out of our control, what matters most is cultivating your own garden, growing your own mind, your own self - to create a positive niche for you and those around you.

I am 28 and have a similar state of mind. I loved hearing your progression of political thought and want to praise your efforts as a delegate. This was me at 24:

My term is ending and it was a wonderful and often frustrating learning experience. After 4 years I am not running again in order to focus on education. I teach 9th graders and Iraq refugees US History and I love it. Best of luck on your future endeavors.

And since we're sharing music - I have very mixed feelings about John Mayer(1x RP supporter) but I feel this song captures the feelings of many.