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Comment: Executive Summary: Mysterious case of bees & other species dying

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Executive Summary: Mysterious case of bees & other species dying

Executive Summary: [Closing statement of forum link, 2013]
It doesn’t look great for mammals either. When the heads detach from
sperm, something is up. Because this [herbicide chemical] stuff is so pervasive in the environment, as food residues and in ground water, you may not have to actually eat the seeds. Read more: Bee Colony Collagse
Subject: ... Risk Assessment for Seed Treatment of Clothianidin on Corn and Canola [see Closing statement]

This compound is toxic to honey bees. The persistence of residues and the expression of clothianidin in nectar and pollen suggests the possibility of chronic toxic risk to honey bee larvae and the eventual stability of the hive. [Page 6, closing statement followed by Executive Summary]

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