Comment: Blown out of proportion

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Blown out of proportion

Wah wah wah

Heaven forbid people edit the content of their own website.

While I wouldn't have picked that topic to censor, I probably would have regulated more of other types of topics myself, had I been in charge.

The problem with a democratic up voting and bumping system is the most controversial threads inherently become the ones that stay afloat. As such, the design of the dailypaul naturally creates a place of controversial discussion. It favors the most interesting topics while at the same time the most annoying ones.

Again, I for one enjoy exploring the idea that there may have actors, as there was obviously a cover up involved on that day. But, really? Who gives a crap if your favorite website happens not to be discussing your pet subject. For crying out loud, visit YouTube and godlike productions if you want to explore that topic more thoroughly