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I think people do sink back into the programming, but

it's a shorter trip back out. Once you've had a problem reconciling two competing conceptions of the truth, it'll only go away if you don't think about it. But ounce you've heard it, even if you oppose the idea, you can't unhear it. Every time a similar topic comes up, you'll have to think about it. It's the pervasive nature of ideas, and if it holds water, people will start to accept them. I kind of think this is why it's even worthwhile talking to belligerent people. It won't be fruitful at the time, but the belligerency is probably just a shortcoming in their ability to express their ideas or a coping mechanism to deal with the double-think their bombarded with in the first place. If you can convey something in a palatable manner (rationally and without getting belligerent yourself), you can almost guarantee the person will think about it again, and probably by themselves, outside a vulnerable atmosphere and without prejudices of doubt or fear or anger. I can remember some of the times it happened to me. I think it happens to all of us.