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I dont think you understood

What I was saying. I was just saying that the supply of a product could be artificially high by exploiting the labor class with methods of coercion. This happens the same way as demand is artificially stimulated by lowering interest rates. If a nation enslaves it population so as to artificially lower the cost of producing goods, and we live in a free market economy where the price is set exclusively by market mechanisms, than we are at a disadvantage, and this can upset the production capability of the economy in which we live. I advocate free trade with markets that are equally free, but when the transaction is filtered through state apparatus it becomes more complicated.

Secondly, we do not have worthless pieces of paper as our currency, we have an oil backed currency. We do lose out to producing markets and distort our own national economy is because they price their goods so cheaply to get ahold of our oil backed currency.