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You are wrong

This system is rigged to deal with people who want "reform". That will simply lead to more laws, more bueaucrats, more laws that will apply only to us, more tyranny. It is fixed. They wioll follow NO rules.
I don't CALL it mob rule, it IS mob rule. Explain how it is not.
The experiment in constitutional republicanism has failed, no doubt about that, but the founders FEARED democracy and saw from HISTORY (which they, most of them having been homeschooled, knew) that it would lead to corruption.
We would even be better off with a king than with democracy. As Hans Hermann Hoppe observed, at least monarchs have incentive to protect and grow their kingdoms. They don't bleed them of all their wealth and sell them out to foreigners.
Your problem is that you fear liberty. You are so afraid that a local tyrant will rise up or your neighbor will bully you (which happens all the time and your rigged system does nothing to stop it) you cannot comprehend living WITHOUT a huge governmental apparatus monitoring and regulating your every move You have a few pet areas where you might want more freedom but you can't bear the thought of removing tyranny without REPLACING IT.