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It is YOU

who are deaf, and blind as well.
Don't call me names EXPLAIN HOW I AM WRONG. And if I am not wrong, you are wasting time playing by their rules legitimizing their system.
Again you want solutions, replacement systems, guarantees of your safety and cushy life, "leaders" to protect
you...even though political leaders have NEVER protected anyone and never will.
Man up and accept the fact that no one will protect your liberty but you....and perhaps family and friends whose interests coincide with yours. There IS no replacement "system", no reformed state with a monoploy on aggression that is going to act against their own interests and resist the temptation to treat the non state people as anything but their personal property...because in giving them that power we acquiesce to the enslavement that has to occur in that situation. You trade your liberty (and eventually your life, children and property) for an ILLUSION of security.