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>>>>You seem to only have

>>>>You seem to only have negatives but no solutions.<<<<

No. I simply don't agree with YOUR "solution". which is to continue with a Panglossian denial that there is anything better than statism.

>>>>Sitting back and taking it isn't going to help you or anyone affected by the government monopoly that currently imposes their rules onto us unless we legislatively fight back against their rules. That is the system we have right now.<<<<<

Legislatively fight back??? So how's that working out for you? The ones who "win" are the ones who play ball. Oh, they might play the "conservative" role for a while but when it gets down to it they all go along with the plans of TPTB and shove more wars and bailouts, tyrannical legislation and wealth confiscation down our throats.

>>>> You think people are going to wake up one day, soon hopefully and say they aren't voting for two sides of the same coin, and end the voting system or start over? If that was ever the case, I shouldn't be seeing all these Obama stickers still on the back of people's cars as if they want him to be our dictator for the rest of our lives.<<<<

Like it or not, most people are stupid, played for fools with bread and circuses. They want that free lunch and have been told they are entitled to it and that other people should work so they can have it. This is the result of state schooling, state social engineering via laws and regulations, state enforcement. As the parasitic state kills their productive hosts, their voting blocs will not understand why they are not getting their welfare, food stamps, ADC.

>>>>The real logical solution in reality, is to infiltrate and take over their game. Put our people in, and take over.<<<<

YOUR people??? Excuse me, but I do not want to be looted by YOUR people any more than THEIR people. YOUR people are just people, they are not more noble, moral, etc. You are like Granger, salivating at the possibility of getting a turn at the ring of power to cram YOUR will on us.

>>>>Apathy does nothing, but let people continue to be zombies.<<<<

Being in a position to do little, being forced to bide ones time is not "apathy", although it is useful propaganda to claim it is. But it is still a lie, an ad hominem. Christians held their services in catacombs during times of Roman persecution. Were they "apathetic"? Was Catholic Shakespeare "apathetic" when he couched so much of his political commentary in a remote historical context to avoid the wrath of the Anglican monarch? We are enslaved, persecuted. You suffer under the delusion that "we are the government". You need to recover from your government skooling.