Comment: >>>>>and how the majority can

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>>>>>and how the majority can

>>>>>and how the majority can prey on the minority and that ultimately,as individuals, we are all minorities, but all powers are corruptible. I think of the initial support for invading Iraq, and how the propaganda had the majority marching to the beat of the war drums that, foreseeably, ended up killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.<<<<<

Did the "majority" support that war? How do you know?

>>>But also remember, that despite the continuation of propaganda, the people's acceptance of the bloodshed waned far before the pseudo-withdrawal. It did this on its own because most people are good. <<<<

No. People are people, the look out for their own interests. Given absolute power, they will put that power to work for their own interests.

>>>>>A constitutional republic doesn't have to be good. It could have been founded on evil principles or progress that way using it's monopoly on coercion. Also realize that most all people want the rule of law, a constitution that protects them and have little to gain by corruption.<<<<

The constitution has OBVIOUSLY been a failure at protecting the people from the government class who simply turned their laws and guns on the people and told them that the government class has unlimited power and the constitution "gives them rights".

>>>>I'm for scrapping any government that harms people with its power, but what would you replace it with when the only sure harbinger of morality is the people?

A question for you. Please answer it. Why do you fear the "morality" of the people but have no fear of the morality of the people making up the state class?
Statism is illogical, it is madness. The humans given the power to rule over us are just as fallible and wicked as the rest of us. So why are you so eager for this system? It loots and kills. It does not protect you.