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Your use

of the term "apathy" is exactly what the Neocons do when they call Ron Paul an "isolationist". It is a deliberate mischaraterization of my position. Because I decline to participate in my own enslavement, you proclaim me "apathetic".

>>>>It took many decades for the system to get to the point where they are comfortable with breaking their own rules right in front of us. It's going to take quite a few years to undo what they have made everyone become accustomed to, apathy. People who have not tried or dived into their local parties don't know how easy it is, but it takes knowledge.<<<<

Been there, done that. LOL! You go right ahead. I know the system will not be changed from within. They have ways of dealing with that. I truly do wish you well. However, I still deny your right to force your crooked mess on those who do not consent to ber ruled by you.

>>>>>I went to the Oath Keepers meeting last year, and every candidate had a spokesperson to lobby us. When Bob Beers stood up and spoke as Gingrich's spokesman, all he did was talk about how we shouldn't vote for Ron Paul. This guy came off as a complete dunce, he could barely finish his sentences as he was searching for what to say, and he served in the NV senate and as councilman currently. As a kid I grew up seeing his name all over my neighborhood since he was in the NV legislature since 1998. That meeting made me realize these are just regular people who got involved.
If it wasn't for Ron Paul killing my apathy, I would've never known how easy it was to run our local parties, meanwhile we let these old turds who don't know any better than us run our lives.<<<<<

But why should I trust you, or any man, to run my life??