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Comment: Most of These Slave To The Nanny Statist Cops Have No

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Most of These Slave To The Nanny Statist Cops Have No

integrity. They are weak pathetic cowards. The force of law and a gun make them seem powerful, but they are not. The system cultivates these mindless zombies. It was like that in ancient times as well. When everything goes south these cowards with badges and with their guns will also fall victim. That's the way it has to be.

Some of us will make it, most won't. Only the most moral have always survived the great battles. The most moral are generally fearless and that is a big advantage over those that are truly cowards.

The bible says, "nothing new under the sun" Civilizations rise and fall..

Most of you know the process - First the people are noble,rugged and hard working. Over a given period of time, mostly through too much affluence and apathy they soon degenerate and evolve into cowardly, weak and effeminate swine, fit for the slaughter.

We must rise up from the pig troughs, clean ourselves up if we really believe we can restore the republic..I hope it is not too late..